Clothes with sun protection

Everything you ever wanted to know about clothes with sun protection!

Here you will find UV.Line collection of clothes with sun protection. Sun protection on clothing and accessories is a relatively recent technology, which arrived in Brazil with the brand UV.LINE in 2003. That is why some people still do not know, or have many questions about how UV protection works on fabrics. Thinking about that, we prepared this article to clarify all of them!

How does sun protection work on UV.LINE fabrics?

We use different fabrics and technologies that result in the maximum protection known as UPF 50+. But basically, the protection is present in the thread that we use and also in the construction of the fabric. One of the technologies used is the titanium wire, present in our polyamide shirts.

How long does UV protection last on fabrics?

It is permanent and it doesn’t come out washing it! That is, as long as the product is in good use condition, UV protection is guaranteed. That's why investing in a UV.LINE sun protection piece is really worth it!

Does UV.LINE have UV protection certification?

Yes! All of our fabrics are tested and approved by ARPANSA, an Australian government agency that pioneered in the sun protection issue. The skin cancer rate in Australia is high and sun protection is taken very seriously, that’s why they were the first country to worry about sun protection and the effects of UV radiation on the population. This certificate is extremely important to give credibility to the brand, ensuring that UV.LINE’s products have maximum protection and quality.

Do I need to use sunscreen in addition to UV.LINE clothing?

In areas that are covered by UV.LINE products you do not need to use any other type of skin protection, as they guarantee maximum protection. However, it is very important not to forget the parts of the body that are unprotected! For example, if you are wearing a T-shirt with UV.LINE sun protection, you should apply sunscreen on your face and neck. Becoming a shrimp in a few areas of the body doesn't work, right?

Is it necessary to protect yourself in the winter?

Yes! The milder temperature in winter does not mean that solar radiation becomes any less harmful. That is why it is important to take care of yourself in all seasons of the year.